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Arya against Feyenoord

Those who know Arya know that he trains very hard. A mentality that many professionals will envy. With his commitment and game, he has played against Jong Volendam and Feyenoord in recent weeks.

The Netherlands was locked for a while and therefore little was played. Everything is now in full swing and football matches can be played. That is more than fine for Arya. During the lockdown there were training sessions. He was able to achieve this with passing and measuring. Now he is fully fit and running very well. He’s playing more and more. He had a good left winger against Jong Volendam. Arya was able to block him for the entire game he played. The FC Volendam player has already made his debut at the 1st, the more handsome it is from Arya!

Then Feyenoord followed. On paper already a powerful opponent and in reality it was no different. Still, Arya was once again able to shield one of the talents well. Arya’s play once again stood out and placed itself in the line of the past few weeks. This has not gone unnoticed and the interest in his game as a development is now followed closely.


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