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Back on Track!

Guess who’s back?!? Our winger Achraf Naït is top fit and will be active again this winter.

He has had an eventful year. After his transfer from Gibraltar United to Malaga, his contract was terminated. Due to COVID he had nowhere to go and he came in a difficult time. Players were difficult to get into a club and everything was done with data. There were no more competitions, internships were no longer allowed. Yet we did not sit still. We came together to make a plan in which we would strengthen his career together. From that moment on there was only 1 goal for him, to pop!

Last June there was contact with Ireland and not much later Achraf was on his way. There he went on an internship. In the end, he was allowed to be there for a few weeks and show himself. What nobody knew is that he trained there with an injury. Despite this, he kept going and showing himself. They were convinced, but did not get an agreement for the budget. He came back and said he was in pain. Immediately, specialists were contacted and it turned out that he indeed had an injury. This has now been completely resolved and it is unbelievable what he has accomplished there. There are now several interested clubs for him.

Nor is it surprising. Achraf, our winger, dances across the field. With his light-footedness he knows how to easily pass the opponent in a 1v1. Spin, cut, come in, he absolutely masters it. Keep an eye on him, because soon he will be back on the field. He’s going to excel and amplify the attack. A wonderful player who will give another boost!

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