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¡Nuestro héroe español es campeón!

Unbelievable to say and we are so proud! Another champion from the Football Heroes family. Congratulations to our newest family member and say Hola Pedro y enhorabuena por tu campeonato!

Pedro has played in the youth of Malaga and Espanyol. Then he went to Cordoba and then to Melilla. He made his debut in the Copa del Rey with Melilla. He played beautiful matches there against Real Madrid. One of his saves made it into the top 5! After his period in Spain he went to Poland.

With 2 seasons played, the curtain fell due to the current pandemic. After some careful playing, he left for the Faroe Islands. In the end it became Skala. They were the dominant party all season. With excellent goalkeeping, Pedro regularly kept his goal clean. Come out, punch away, lie in front of him, it doesn’t matter to him as long as there are no goals.

Pedro, congratulations on your championship and welcome to the Football Heroes family. We have confidence in it and that will pay for itself in the interest already shown!


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