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Champions Time for the Finnish Viking!

Our Finnish Viking Tobias plays in the far north of Europe. He has become champion this season with Sundom Idrottsförening.

What a season it has been for him. He started the season with VPS, playing in the Ykkönen, 2nd level of Finland. Unfortunately, this was short-lived. Tobias was called up to do his military service. He did this and at the end of June it was all over for him. He was free again but at that time no longer had a club. He was able to connect directly with Sundom. In it he played all matches and they became champions of the Kakkonen, the 3rd level of Finland. This proves all the more that he can handle the level with ease.

Tobias, our left footed centre-back, is currently on a free transfer. The first conversations have now started to take him to the next step!


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