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Meet Valentin

Valentin was only 15 years old when he made his debut in the 1st team!

After his debut, now 17 years old, he is a basic player of Lokomotiv Sofia. The midfield, the number 10, is his favorite position. It also fits well on the sides. He is left footed, has a tight shot and knows how to turn inwards well. The interest in him is increasing and that is not surprising.

He is a youth international for Bulgaria and captain. He has gone through all the youth teams of Bulgaria and has also been the captain of all the teams. This says a lot about the player and his qualities. Valentin knows what he wants and works hard for it. He trains daily to get fitter and stronger on the field. The future for him will be there for sure. There will be a next step in his career in the short term.


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