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We are more than thrilled to welcome Kristian Lyng Madsen to our family! With our Danish talent, we know that we will experience a beautiful path and many adventures together.

At a young age, the ball could not be taken away from him, with the result of a great talented player these days. A special talent and beautiful character. His left foot is well developed, so none of his opponents will get the bal. He set out early on his own to pursue his dream. This brought him to the F.C. Malaga City Academy. His leadership stood out and he became captain of the team. His development increased in which he easily kicks out under pressure. When you see his game, you can immediately make comparisons with already famous football players.

Playing style

Rest on the ball, play a 1v1, open up, shift the game, these are just a few of his possibilities. An all-round player who can play very well as a defensive midfielder, but also as a central defender. Powerful with the head and always calm. He is constantly looking for a football solution. Build up in the back or direct the ball forward, he knows when this is possible or not. His adventure with F.C. Malaga City Academy stopped due to a transfer to Marbella F.C. Unfortunately, the well-known virus hit the world and he was forced to move back to Denmark. This brought him to his home and immediately linked up with Naestved IF. There he was able to continue his competition rhythm and training.

In the meantime we came into contact with Kristian. We are very pleased to have gotten to know him and his family. We have had many conversations together. Questions, ideas and progress, everything has been discussed. You immediately feel that it clicks on both sides and you see the progress we will make together. By signing our agreement, we are on the eve of a wonderful career. Together we have therefore officially started and will announce this very soon in a correct club. Kristian has already gained great experience.

He played a lot against F.C. in recent seasons. Barcelona, ​​Valencia CF, Manchester City, Norwich City, Malaga CF and so on. He has a powerful throw and can throw in 35 meters. With a pass accurancy of 92.3%, almost every pass is a guarantee of possession as well as creating chances and goals. In the air, it easily lifts 72 centimeters from the ground, making it even more dangerous.

Want to see more?

Be sure to keep an eye on him. At you can see for yourself who he is and how he plays!

Velkommen Kristian and we are going to have a great time!


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