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Welcome Abdu!

What a speed! That is what you will hear directly seeing Abdu playing. You want to know what character is? Meet Abdul a.k.a. Abdu and you will know! Hard working, mind set and get his targets. Born and raised with love and respect, he is the man that know how to play the game. He speaks a lot of languages. Easy and listening to others, he helps them where he can. He played for Ivory Coast already and they want to have him back in the squad. Abdu is the player at this moment to count on.

Unbelievable, you just won’t believe it how fast Abdu is. Strong in the 1v1 he can easily break through the defenders. Playing the long ball, he will be the first with the ball. From the wing he can easily come inside. Both footed and extremely dangerous in front of the goal. Abdu has all the skills for on the wing position.



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