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Welcome Abdu!

What a speed! That is what you will hear directly seeing Abdu playing. You want to know what character is? Meet Abdul a.k.a. Abdu and you will know! Hard working, mind set and get his targets. Born and raised with love…

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Arya against Feyenoord

Those who know Arya know that he trains very hard. A mentality that many professionals will envy. With his commitment and game, he has played against Jong Volendam and Feyenoord in recent weeks. The Netherlands was locked for a while…

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We are more than thrilled to welcome Kristian Lyng Madsen to our family! With our Danish talent, we know that we will experience a beautiful path and many adventures together. At a young age, the ball could not be taken…

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Back on Track!

Guess who's back?!? Our winger Achraf Naït is top fit and will be active again this winter. He has had an eventful year. After his transfer from Gibraltar United to Malaga, his contract was terminated. Due to COVID he had…

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Arya signs with Telstar

An emerging talent has taken his first step into professional football! Arya has chosen to develop further at Telstar. He will play in the U21. After various options, this step suits him best. In the meantime, during the preparation, he was…

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Meet Sebastiaan

  You have talent and are coveted by many football clubs. During a scouting day you stand out. There are lots of offers coming in, what do you do then? As a parent you want the best for your child,…

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